About us

Gentle attention for everyone
Since our activity start, we have abandoned the approach that we are just an apartment rental business. Each guest we treat as our friend. We understand each one's uniqueness and aspirations to have a good rest. Every year, returning happy guests - is the best proof that this modest business philosophy is worth the deal. Come alone or with a couple, come with whole family, with little children or just with company of friends - we are waiting for everyone. All members of our team have come together for one goal, so that you have a high-quality, all-inclusive rest. We are glad when you are happy.

Comfort and more privacy in apartments
We tried to take care of everything that you may need. We did not have a goal of saving at your expense. Rather, we could say, that economic solutions can ruin a good rest. Modern furniture, home appliances, non-standard interior solutions, many comfortable spaces and cozy private areas. In the four-star apartment, you will have a sense of exclusivity and delicate luxury.

We are happy, when you come with children
We understand that every child is a small miracle that requires a lot of attention. We have provided apartments with climate control system, cleaning and other household appliances, and everything needed items in the kitchen! We will deliver a baby bed. We will always advise you where to go with children. We will help you immediately if you have special needs that we could not know in advance.
Your children are the most beautiful rest in the world for us.

You are welcome at the marvelous place of the world
Golden Nida sand dunes surrounded by the sea, the lagoon, the pine forest and the bright sky. It's a royal land for walking, cycling, sailing, and doing thousands of other pleased things for you. Here you can rest yourself and give you a long vacation for your car. Therefore, we took care that there would be no lack of Nida's unique beauty, visible through your windows. We ensured that you could stay in good places and all the wonders of nature could be reachable by foot.