This is an exceptional quality apartment with beautiful terraces and spectacular Curonian Lagoon views. The original apartment space, designer furniture, full set of household appliances and professional planning will impress you in a way the charismatic British leader Winston Churchill loved to. He would have liked it here. This apartment for six or more persons can be divided into two completely separate apartments with separate entrances. The apartment has a comfortable bedroom and a separate cozy terrace where your whole family can watch the stars, admire the old Nida lighthouse, or feel extremely elevated sleeping in the loft that overlooks the lagoon. Children will surely delight in the buckwheat mattress area with plenty of pillows while their parents will be spending their time in the cozy living room with the terrace and the fading moon lamp that will make their communication even more romantic.

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Churchill's Vacation apartments are also available for booking in separate parts! Contact us by phone: +370648 49555 or email:

From 2018-01-02 To 2018-04-24
155 EUR
From 2018-04-25 To 2018-05-29
175 EUR
From 2018-05-30 To 2018-06-01
240 EUR
From 2018-06-02 To 2018-06-19
205 EUR
From 2018-06-20 To 2018-07-13
255 EUR
From 2018-07-14 To 2018-08-16
315 EUR
From 2017-08-17 To 2017-09-01
255 EUR
From 2017-09-02 To 2017-09-27
205 EUR
From 2017-09-28 To 2017-12-20
175 EUR
From 2017-12-21 To 2018-01-01
315 EUR

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