Luxurious and comfortable, this is an exceptional quality two-room apartment with fabulous views of the Curonian Lagoon and natural wonders of Nida protected by UNESCO and all people of good will. Marine photography and colours will remind you of freshness of the sea and endless ocean voyages, and a spacious terrace will make you feel like soaring above the fragrant pines.

The sunlit living room and bedroom with a unique view of the new church of Nida and lagoon will make your mornings a bit surreal, while works of art scattered across the interior, the British artist’s marine-themed triptych and church bell chimes will lift you above the reality.

A space effective kitchen may remind one of a cook-house; it is very functional and has everything to make you feel comfortable: fridge with freezing chamber and icetrays for your cocktails, smart kettle for special kinds of tea, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and air conditioner. There is also a bathroom with bathrobes and slippers waiting for your. The new generation infrared heating system helps to keep the apartment warm throughout the cold season, i.e. in autumn and winter.

The Blue Archipelago crew made sure you are provided with green wooden blinds, which allow unhindered quiet sleep in the morning light. In addition, we will provide a baby chair for feeding or crib for sweet sleep.

From 2018-01-02 To 2018-04-24
100 EUR
From 2018-04-25 To 2018-05-29
115 EUR
From 2018-05-30 To 2018-06-01
175 EUR
From 2018-06-02 To 2018-06-19
145 EUR
From 2018-06-20 To 2018-07-13
175 EUR
From 2018-07-14 To 2018-08-16
205 EUR
From 2017-08-17 To 2017-09-01
175 EUR
From 2017-09-02 To 2017-09-27
145 EUR
From 2017-09-28 To 2017-12-20
115 EUR
From 2017-12-21 To 2018-01-01
205 EUR

Room occupancy